Jordanian former legislator in hard homework of justifying constitutional gender discrimination

Jordanian former legislator, Mahmoud Alkharabsheh was hosted on a TV show names “Shabab Talk” on DW Arabia, to discuss different women issues in Jordan. Below you find a captioned piece of video that demonstrates the way Mr. Alkharabsheh reacted to a Jordanian woman who cannot sponsor her children in Jordan because their father is an Egyptian.

The video starts by giving the mic to the woman, asking if she was Jordanian. She confirmed that, and started telling that she is married to an Egyptian national. Right after saying few words of he dispute, Mr. Kharabsheh interrupted her saying “when you got married to him didn’t you know the law?”.

After his interruption, she asked him to listen to her question. She said “if you as a male Jordanian got married to any woman”, and before completing the question he sounds knowing what she is going to ask. He interrupted her saying “this what the law entitles me for”. Another participant lady said “ok, change the law!”. “No, I don’t change the law because it’s a sovereign law, be patient, you are claiming a law that’s not designed to deal with individual and personal cases. law is designed to deal the cases of public interest on the level of the state” answered Alkharabsheh.

The lady then said: “We are missing all things related to our sons and daughters, I’m a Jordanian woman and have the right like a Jordanian man. You have the right to get married to the woman you like and I have the right get married to the man I chose.”. Alkharabsheh interrupted her saying “your son is an Egyptian, there is Egypt! if I go to Egypt, are they going to employ me?”. The lady replied “try to get married to a woman of any nationality, do I have the right to tell you go live with her there?”. He replied with high noise “listen listen, all Arab states do not offer their citizenship to the sons of the national woman except Tunisia. All Arab countries do not do that”.

The lady is then asked “What’s the most annoying thing in this issue?”. She answered “what annoys me is that I want my sons to live in Jordan, their mother’s home. like Jordan is the males’s home, it’s the female’s home as well, my sons want to live in glory and dignity”. Alkharabsheh then replied “none is forcing the female Jordanian to leave her country, you got married to an Egyptian and your sons are Egyptians”. The lady replied “my son knows no country other than Jordan, he was born here, raised here and lived his life here. I can’t ask him to leave the country, he knows none outside”

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