Galtee Mountains walk

The Galtee Mountains, or the Galtees are a range of mountains in Munster Ireland. Galtees are spread at the edges of Tipperary and Limerick Counties, they are part of an area of rolling pastureland known as Golden Vale. Goden Value is spread between Tipperary and Limerick.

The Galtees are considered the highest inland range of mountains, the highest of which is Galtymore whose peak is 917 meters above sea level. The area is known of dairy farming, and has one of Ireland’s largest food companies named after the mountains, Galtees. Mitchelstown and Tipperary are the closest towns to the mountains, situated to the south and north respectively.

Galtees are a great destination for hill walkers. People can park their cars at Kings Yard and have a snack or refreshment before or after following any track. Below is the location of Kings Yard.

You can have a look at the available tracks and their lengths and walking times before you start.

Kings Yard

If you you see my photos and like them, and think you would be interested to take the same path and follow our footsteps, I have drawn our path on the following map. Feel free to share it.

Enjoy the following compiled video about the walk, some time lapse video segments and other clips.

Below you can see a compiled album of photos of the walk:

Galtee Mountains

One of the most roses that I liked during my walk is the foxglove plant. I compiled a set of these photos in the following album:


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  1. Looks like a lovely place for a walk. Was wondering why you refer to the wild Foxglove’s flower as a rose. I know that the cultivated species of foxglove is called a Dalmation Rose but the wild foxglove – in my opinion – is far superior to the cultivated species. I love to see the foxglove growing in the wild. Great photos.

  2. Thank you so much. Frankly speaking, I’m new the Irish wildlife and was just notified about this difference by my friend who was in my company. I’l correct the error right away. Thanks for your comments. Stay tuned for a new photo set from Gougane Barra.

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