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Ballincollig Regional Park

Ballingcolig AFC Regional Park

Ballincollig Regional Park was the place where Britain used to manufacture gunpowder. It used to be shipped to it’s armed forces worldwide via the Cork City Port during the 18th century to the start of 19th century. The abandoned gunpowder mills complex is still standing at the location, along with most of the original buildings.

The site is currently owned and managed by Cork City Council. It contains 52 structures that used to be part of the gunpowder manufacturing process.

Ballingcolig AFC Regional Park

Ballingcolig AFC Regional Park

Site facilities include bulky open grass areas, soccer and rugby playgrounds, woodland, playground and multi purpose games areas. In the west part of the park, there is a skate park and outdoor fitness equipment. Recently, public bathrooms were added to the park. These facilities attract a large number of the area residents.

There are four looped and marked walking trails, which are colour coded according to length. The trails are located within and around the park.

Car parking is located the western park entrance, and has 50 parking spaces.

Here is how to travel to the park from Cork Central Bus Station:

Couple of photos of the location hosted on Flickr:
Ballingcolig AFC Regional Park

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