The Most Breathtaking Views Of Beautiful Earth From Above

Volcano in Iceland a projectio… by Andre Ermolaev on 500px

Empty Quarter Oasis by Beno Saradzic on 500px

Seljalandsfoss by Sarah Martinet on 500px

Earth’s Hieroglyphs by Mike Reyfman on 500px

Valais, Switzerland by Chris Schmid on 500px

Feast of the crocodiles by Marc MOL on 500px

Earth melody by XiaoJia Jin on 500px

Aerial from a field chapel near a flowering stripe of yellow rape on a dark green field

Aerial of Bora Bora by David Kosmos Smith on 500px

aerial landscape image of sandbar with leave shape of fall foliage in the Snoqualmie River, Washington

Views of Yolo County, CA from the air

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